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Tired of refilling automatic sanitizer machines frequently? Prasand brings you an automatic sanitizer machine Prasand Hexa with the storage capacity of 8 litres. Hospitals, offices and workplaces with frequent visitors require larger automatic sanitizer machines that do not require frequent refilling. Specially made with high operation precision contactless technology, the machine releases 2 to 5 ml of alcohol-based sanitizer at a time, just the right quantity to disinfect both the hands. It boasts of the latest infrared sensors that help dispense sanitizer when hands are placed near to it.

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Additional information


Hand Cleaning


Creamy, Grey, Sky Blue

Power Supply

230 V AC







Packaging Size

8 ltr

Packaging Type

plastic container


Alcohol Content

61 – 70

Type of Alcohol





Reviews (5)

5 reviews for PRASAND HEXA

  1. Manan Patel

    If you are tired of filling your small sanitiser machines frequently, Hexa is surely the one for you. It has a capacity of 8 litres which is perfect for larger workplaces like big companies and hospitals

  2. Mukund Dave

    This sanitiser machine works perfectly where small machines are of no use and there are more people. I have installed this in my hospital and a lot of patients and employees are using it on a daily basis

  3. Prakash Chauhan

    Hexa can hold 8 litres of sanitiser and dispenses the right amount to completely sanitise your hands without wasting even a drop. My 150 employees are using this machine every day and they are extremely satisfied

  4. Nirav

    With a huge capacity of 8 litres, this machine has really solved all my problems. I have over 100 employees at my office and I have installed this machine. I don’t have to refill the sanitiser frequently and just once is enough.

  5. Bharat Mistry

    Hexa has a huge capacity of 8 litres and can easily sanitise more than 100 people on a daily basis for multiple times. No need to refill the sanitiser time and again. Solved my purpose completely and I would recommend this to all

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As a leading hand sanitizer making machine manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we take pride in creating a product that is 100% made in India. The machine crafted with plug and play design has robust and durable technology. Once installed, you will have to put no extra efforts in operating it. This wall-mounted machine hardly requires any extra space while making the hand cleaning experience touch-free and hassle-free.

Product Spacification

Tank Capacity: 8 ltr

Main Body: ABS Plastic

Container Body: PP

Packing Size(mm): 440*405 * 305

Power Supply: 230 V AC

Solenoid Valve : 24 V DC

Time Range : 0-1 Sec

Installation steps:

  1. Install unit on wall
  2. Plug into standard wall socket (Ensure No Loose Connection )
  3. Refill Sanitizer (Take care while refilling , Use Cone type funnel with filter)
  4. Place you hand near sensor , automatic dispense will start

A compact contactless dispensing unit Dispense Alcohol based sanitizer when human hands are place near sensor, its adjustable time based uses only 5-6 ml. of sanitizer ensuring optimum usage. Contactless technology works on infrared sensor to ensure zero touch, high operation precision to completely disinfect both hands at once. A wall mountable unit is Enabled east to install. Bulk sanitizer container tank makes it hassle free and economical.


  • 100% MADE IN INDIA
  • Plug and Play Design.
  • Contactless operation
  • Durable and Robust Design


  • Wall mount
  • Single phase supply
  • Infrared sensor based control
  • Easy to install and easy to operate.